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Tuition and Fees

Trinity Lutheran School is maintained primarily for the children of our congregation.  However, children of all parents who desire Christian training for their children are eligible for enrollment.  All pupils who have already attended another school and wish to transfer to Trinity must present the latest report card from the school previously attended.  All admissions of transfer pupils are subject to approval by the Trinity Board of Christian Education.  The principal shall confer with families of transfer pupils to provide an opportunity to analyze the commitment of the parents and pupil to the purpose and policies of Trinity Lutheran School, and whether the school can meet the pupil’s needs.  Pupils with physiological, emotional, mental, or discipline problems that cannot be served by the school’s regular program will be referred to other schools that are designed to meet such needs.  Parents of incoming pupils must sign a release form, which will enable Trinity to obtain all pupil records.  Enrollment and grade placement will not be final until those records are received.  

Yearly Tuition and Fees  beginning 2024-2025 School year
YEARLY EDUCATION FEE:  $500.00  Grades 4K-6                   $300.00 Second Child, K-6  

(Education Fee - 1/2 due September 4th, balance due October 15th)  

TRINITY MEMBER TUITION:  $1,125.00 per year - First Child K-6       $875.00 per year - Second Child       $775.00 per year - Third Child (Tuition due quarterly; October, December, February, April )  

COMMUNITY MEMBER TUITION:       $1,925 per year - Grades 4K-6            (Tuition due quarterly; October, December, February, April)  

4K TUITION is now the same as the above tuition rates because 4K is now all day, 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday.

The Trinity Board of Christian Education is committed to providing Financial Aid to all applicants in need of assistance

Application for 2024-2025 enrollment is Here

Our 2023-2024 School calendar is Here