Summer Update

Wondering what is happening at Trinity this summer?  Want more informationa about worship?  Well here is an announcement for you.  We will be maintaining our normal worship schedule.  Worship is Wednesday at 7pm and Sunday at 9:45am.  We will continue to stream to our Facebook page and then upload it to YouTube and our website.

Sunday morning Bible Class will be taking a break until September.

Wednesday Bible Class will be starting a new book, Isaiah, June 30th.

We have an exciting outdoor worship service being planned for July 4.  Which is THIS SUNDAY!  A meal featuring Pizza Ranch Chicken will follow the worship service.  We will also have some exciting games to play.  We want to welcome everyone back to church safely!  Peole can bring side dishes and desserts to share.

Our Cry Room is now open!

Church Office hours are Tuesday-Thursday 8-noon.

Our VBS will be July 26-30.  Register Here

Covid-19 Updates

Update May 23, 2021

We had a blessed Pentecost worship yesterday.  Here are a couple more updates.  We have now opened our Cry Room again!  We will not be disinfecting the toys in the rooms due to time constraints.  The room was cleaned this past week and ready to be used.  We are not requiring masks in worship for fully vacinated worshipers.

Update April 5, 2021

Happy Easter to all!  Due to the number of pews currently being used and the number of worship attenders.  It is no longer necessary to RSVP for a service for the rest of the month of April.  Probably, the next time we need to RSVP will be Confirmation Sunday on May 16, but stay tuned for more updates to come.  Our Wednesday evening and Sunday morning services will basicaly be the same, so we will be streaming our Sunday morning worship services.

Feb. 17 update:  Our Ash Wednesday service is filled up.  We will be live streaming the service at 7pm on our Facebook page.

Quick weather update.  Sunday, Feb. 14 Bible Study is cancelled as well at LOT meeting on Feb. 16.


Update Jan. 13, 2021

We are still asking for RSVP for church services.  We are hopeful and praying that this will soon end as vaccinations continue.  Our worship services will continue to be the same on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.  We will live stream our Sunday morning service on our Facebook page and then upload to our website and YouTube.

Update Dec. 24, 2020

Our 2 and 4pm Christmas Eve services are filled.  But we have room at 7pm and on Christmas Day at 9:30am.  We will be live streaming our 4pm Christmas Eve service on facebook and then uploading it to YouTube and our website.  We will also live stream our Christmas Day service on Facebook and upload it later to YouTube and our website.

Update Dec. 20, 2020

We still have room in all of our Christmas services.  Please call us at 608-253-3241 to reserve your spot.  Christmas Eve worship services are at 2, 4, and 7pm.  Christmas Day is at 9:30am.  We will try to update this announcement if any service fills up.

Update November 22

First, we now have a new Youtube channel.  Follow to our videos on YouTube.

Second, Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 7pm is our Thanksgiving Eve worship service.  Please RSVP for the service, it is filling up fast!

Third, Christmas Eve services will be at 2pm, 4pm, and 7pm on Dec. 24.  We will begin taking RSVP's on Dec. 1.

Update November 10

We continue to take precautions as the world around us deals with Covid-19.  We are asking that everyone who attends worship would continue to RSVP for our worship services.  We worship on Sundays at 9:45am and Wednesdays at 7pm.  We will have our Thanksgiving Eve worship service on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 7pm with Holy Communion.  Please RSVP for that service.  The elders have decided to have 3 Christmas Eve services this year.  The services will be at 2pm, 4pm, and 7pm.  Beginning Dec. 1, you may RSVP to attend our worship service.  If you need to rsvp, please call us at 608-253-3241.

Update October 13

Pastor Gehrke will be in isolation through Friday of this week.  That means if he is symptom free, he will be able to lead worship on Sunday, Oct. 18!  There will be no confirmation class on Wednesday, Oct. 14.  We will have Communion worship on Wednesday evening with Pastor Ken Howes leading us.  Sunday morning's worship service will not be contemporary.  It will be the same as Wednesday evening.  Team Trinity bonfire has been cancelled this week.  Wood Cutting is still happening on Saturday!

Update August 25

We continue to worship on Sundays at 9:45 and Wednesdays at 7pm.  Please continue to RSVP for the worship services so we have enough room.  We will be spilitting up our confirmation class into two services.  We will have a confirmation service on Sept. 6 and another one on Sept. 13.  Please RSVP for these services!  Our new confirmation year will begin with a meeting in the basement of the church on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 5:30pm.

Update June 2

We are still accepting RSVP's for worship services this week and throughout the month of June.  We still have plenty of spots open for Wednesday evening at 7pm.  But our 9:45am worship service is filled up.  So we are now offering an 8am worship service as well.  If you would like to worship with us this Sunday at 8am, please call the church office by 5pm on Saturday.  Our phone number is 608-253-3241.  This week is a Communion Service.  Yes, we will still be having Bible Study in the basement at 8:30am beginning this Sunday.  Please note that next Sunday, June 14 we will have a special graduation ceremony for our 6th graders at the 9:45 worship service.  So we will need to have more people worship with us at 8am on that Sunday in particular.

Update from May 19

We are opening worship services back up this week.  We are excited to be able to praise God together in person again.  But we are going to do it in a safe and deliberate manner.  We will worship in person on Wednesday, May 20 at 7pm for Vespers and Sunday, May 24 for Matins at 9:45am.  However, we are taking numerous precautions to open back up.  Which means we will be limited on seating.  We are setting up an RSVP type system so that we don't over flow our ability to keep individuals and family groups 6 feet apart.  If you would like to reserve your spot for worship on Wednesday or Sunday mornings, please call the church office at 608-253-3241.

What are the precautions we are taking?  We will be removing all hymnals and bibles from the pews.  If you would like to bring your own Bible, that is perfectly acceptable.  Sanitizer will be available for everyone to use.  We will not be passing an offering plate.  When members leave the service, there will be a place designated to drop your offering into a basket.  We will hold off on one week for celebrating Holy Communion.  When we do celebrate Holy Communion our elders and pastor will be wearing masks when they distribute the Sacrament and we will be communing 1 pew at a time at the altar without kneeling for the time being.  Elders will be opening the double doors and the ramp doors for our worshippers so that no one needs to touch the door handles when they come to worship.  We will be marking off pews where people are not to sit.

During the next few weeks we will not share the peace, not have greeters, nor have a children's message.  The cry room will be closed as well.  We have a member that has made masks and if you don't have one and would like one for worship, masks will be available to you.  If the Sunday morning worship service fills up quickly, we will then open up a second service at 8am, but the first service must be filled first.  We are limitted to 14 pews in the church to maintain 6 feet distance from one another.  Plus we have the choir loft for a total of 15 places.  As we take RSVP's for the worship services please note that if you come to worship alone, you will sit on one end of a pew and a second person who comes alone will sit at the other end of the pew and that will keep you 6 feet apart.

We realize that Covid-19 is still a threat for the foreseeable future.  The elders are committed to providing a safe atmosphere for worshipping as we are able and will continue to monitor how the situation develops.  We are praying that restrictions can be lifted during the summer but are prepared to keep restrictions in place as needed.  If a sudden spike occurs in the near future, they will also be willing to suspend in person worship services again.

As for Confirmation, the elders decided at their meeting last night that Confirmation service won't take place until the fall.  So for now the confirmation students are in a holding pattern.  Encourage your student to write the statement of faith paper and work on the questions handed out in class.  The confirmation student can email Pastor Gehrke at with their statement of faith paper.  If you need information on either of those projects, they are found on our website under the confirmation tab.

Meanwhile, we will do our best to serve those in worship and those who feel it wiser and safer to stay at home.  We are planning to continue to live-stream our worship services on our Facebook page and then to post them on YouTube and our website afterwards on Sunday mornings.  We will continue with our Ascension Day service on Thursday, May 21 at 7pm, but it will be a live-stream only service.

We give thanks to our Gracious God that He continues to be with us throughout this situation and pray that He continues to be our fortress and our rock.

Updated from April 15:

As we continue to work with the current Covid-19 situation, we are doing our best to serve our members and school families during this time.  It gives us great comfort to know that because of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Jesus has overcome all things in this world including viruses.  This email is being sent out to give you an update of what is happening at Trinity in the next couple of weeks.

  • Worship services will have a slightly different plan.  We have completed Lent and now during the Easter season the services on Wednesday and Sunday are very similar.  They have the same readings and the same sermons.  This means that we will be streaming only one service each week.  We will stream them live on our Facebook page on Sunday morning and then also shared in standard definition on our YouTube Page and our website.  If you look for a Wednesday Worhsip service tonight, you will not find one.  We will continue to do devotions Monday-Friday during this time.
  • Confirmation was supposed to resume tonight, April 15.  Our confirmation service was supposed to be the first Sunday in May.  All our confirmation plans are currently on hold.  Although the safer at home order is currently through April 24, I am expecting that the order will be extended.  Until we know more information, it doesn't seem wise to set a date for later only to have it changed again.  I can understand how frustrating this can be for families wanting to make plans.  But it seems wisest to hold off on setting dates until we know what is going to happen.  But confirmation students can still fill out their sermon notes by watching our services online and turning them in when we meet again.  Plus all the students have been given work that they can be working on during this time.  Email pastor if you have any questions.
  • Our teachers continue to stay in contact with our familes during this time as best we can.  They are using our website and texting to communicate with our school families during this time.  Please keep our teachers and students in your prayers.
  • Offerings continue to come in!  Thank you to everyone who has continued to give.  Your generousity is greatly appreciated.  In the CARES Act passed at the end of March, changes to taxable giving were made.  There will be a deductible amount of $300 for charitable giving for 2020 and the percentage of tax break for charitable giving has been increased for 2020.  Along these lines we have been working on a couple of things.  Through the CARES Act, the church has applied for a forgiveable Payday Protection Loan.  We have also applied for a $10,000 grant through the Economic Disaster Relief provided by a bill passed and signed before the CARES Act.  We have not received any word about whether we have been accepted for either one or not.  We are doing our best to take steps to continue moving forward financially as a church and school.  Your gifts continue to help.
  • Our office will continue to be open Monday's 8am-4pm.  You can still drop off offerings then or mail them in during the week.  We also have been making DVD's of our services.  If you or someone you know needs dvd's let pastor know and he will get dvds to that person.
  • Our Quarterly Voter's Meeting will not take place on Sunday, April 26.  The Church Council will try to determine another date when more information about stay at home orders are lifted.  We are optimistic that we will be able to reschedule our regular meeting before the next quartery meeting which is in July.  Again, we don't know when, but will let everyone know when we have a new plan.

We know that we have a Lord that will lead us through this time.  We look forward to gathering together again around God's Word and Sacraments.  Until them, we will continue to pray for you and serve you in any way we can.

With the ever fluid issues surrounding Covid-19 the following items are in effect:

There will be no in person worship services at Trinity for at least the next two weeks.  We will do some stuff through our facebook page.  We will have daily devotions Monday-Thursday and have a special service of God's Word on Sunday mornings.

Bible Study on Sunday morning has been postponned until at least May.  Wednesday afternoon Bible Study has been postponned to at least May!

Our Lenten Bible Breakfasts have been postponned.  We will resume our morning breakfasts at Myrt and Lucy's in the future when it is deemed much safer to be in such social situations.

Although we pray that God's good and gracious will safely guide us through this unsettling time, we are hoping to have Easter sevices, but are also preparing contingencies without Easter Services.  

We will update this announcement with more information as is needed.

Worship Services

Worship with us at Trinity!  Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm and Sunday mornings at 9:45am.  We celebrate Holy Communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month as well as the Wednesday evenings before those Sundays.  Also the 3rd Sunday of each month is a contemporary worship service.

We will be livestreaming our services Sunday mornings at 9:45 through our Facebook page.  Then we will also upload them in standard definition to YouTube and our Website. 

2021-2022 School Year applications

Trinity Lutheran School has openings for the 2021-2022 school year.  We are a Lutheran School that has 4k-6th grades!  We currently have space in all grades for next school year.  We have taken many extra precautions during this current school year due to covid and those precautions have been very successful.  Call 608-253-3241 for more info or to come check out our awesome school!  You can also fill out an application by printing off the form which you can find Here

Wood for sale

Trinity Lutheran School has a special fundraiser.  Wood is for sale.  It has already been split and is ready to be used.  Near face cords are $75 and if you need it delivered there is a $15 fee.  The money spent on the wood will be matched dollar for dollar and given to the school.  If you need wood to burn during the winter, now is the time to call the office 608-253-3241 and buy some wood.

Online Bible Study

We are excited to invite you to our online Bible Study.  Anyone is welcome to join us.  You simply have to request to join our Bible Study group on Facebook.  You will be asked a couple questions via Facebook Messenger before joining our group.  We will post a chapter of the Bible to read on Monday.  After reading, members can post their questions on to the Facebook group.  Then on Thursday evening around 7pm, Pastor Gehrke will be having a Facebook LIve Bible Study. and will attempt to dive into the Bible reading and answer the questions people raised during the week.  We are starting the book of Esther!  If you can't make it for the live video, no problem.  We will post the videos so you can watch them at your convience!  If you would like to join us please follow this link :Online Bible Study


Vacation Bible School is coming to Trinity!  July 26-30 6:00-8:00pm.  There will be games, treats, crafts, singing, and Bible Stories.  Ages welcome are 4-12 years old!    Our VBS is God's Wonderlab, where God does the impossible!  You can register Here


Team Trinity

Our next Team Trinity Event will be Sunday, July 18 at 3pm.  Event will be determined in the future. 


Who is part of Team Trinity?  Anyone in grades 6-12.


Annual Golf Outing

Join us for Trinity Lutheran School's annual 4 person golf scramble is Sunday, August 8 with shot gun tee-off at 12:30pm at Cold Water Canyon Golf Course (in front of Chula Vista).  Raffle prizes will be given away.  Golf is $65 per person which includes dinner and a cart.  If you aren't a golfer but would like to eat with us, dinner is $30.  Dinner will be served following the round of 18 holes.  If you can't join us, hole sponsorships are available at three different levels: bronze $100, silver $250, and gold $500!  For more information contact the church office at 608-253-3241 or email us at  If you would like to volunteer or want to donate raffle prizes please feel free to contact us as well.

Registration Form


Lutheran Hour

Trinity Lutheran Church sponsors the Lutheran Hour broadcast on FM 99.7 Max FM or AM-740 WRPQ every Sunday morning at 11:30am!


You can now make a donation to Trinity Lutheran Church with your visa or mastercard credit card!  Follow the link: Donate here